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There are six islands in the Bay of Naples. The furthest from the city, and quite separate from the others, is Capri, famous for being famous and for its blue grotto, a cave illuminated turquoise by underwater daylight. The nearest island to Naples is Procida, unvisited by tourists and a working island with lemon groves and fishermen. Beyond Procida is the very much larger island of Ischia. The other islands are now uninhabited.

Ischia is a major holiday destination for the Italians. Among other attractions, they come for the spas. Ischia is a volcanic island with many thermal springs and resorts that been developed to exploit them, offering relief from rheumatic ailments in particular.

Where to stay on Ischia

You need to book your hotel in advance for July and August. Outside of these peak months, accommodation of all kinds is generally available. Independent hotels and self-catering vacation accommodations are the most pleasant and economical places to stay on Ischia.

Hotels und Ferienunterkünfte am Ischia

Hotel und Ferienunterkünfte am Ischia

Hotels und Unterkünfte am Ischia

How to get to Ischia

The only public access is via the frequent car ferries and hydrofoils from Naples. A car, motor bike or scooter is necessary if you wish to explore more than the coastal strip, and these are best hired in Naples. The ferry takes you to the only port on the island, Porto Ischia, next to Ischia town. The main road out of the port runs two thirds of the way around the island, around the north and west coasts and halfway down the southern coast to San Angelo, passing through the major towns as it does so, with scarcely a gap between them. If you wish to venture beyond this road you go on foot or by scooter.

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